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Michigan's Fine Art Natural Light Photographer | Specializing in Weddings, Couples + Senior Sessions

PC: Alicia Magnuson

Danielle | Owner & Photographer

Passionately serving Michigan since 2009

Adventuring through life with the help of soy lattes, God and my family. I enjoy exploration with my fiance' Joe, and two wonderful children, Avalee and Jhaiden. 

I started photography on a whim 8 years ago and it quickly grew into a passion and career by 2014 when I opened my business in my hometown, Linden, Michigan. 

{I currently serve all of Michigan}


From your first inquiry, through your special day, and on to the delivery of your gorgeous products. My goal is to bring to life the moments you shared, time and time again.

'If I focus too much on poses and heavy-handed direction, the essence of the couple is lost. I want to tell their story through my photos. I want to illustrate their one-of-a-kind love. Catchall poses-void of authenticity-won't get the job done. Love lives in their embrace, their interactions, the looks they exchange and the gentle touches, I'm here to capture just that.'


Most Often Asked Questions

Why is Photography SO Expensive ?

This one is simple

1. Time

2. Gear

3. Premium Services

4. Skills

5. Compromise

6. Technology

7. Experience

8. Uniqueness & Quality

9. Returns

10. Assistants and Help


Why don't you give out RAW files?

1. RAW files are not the final product

2. Prospective clients may get the wrong impression

3. Special tools and processing are needed for RAW files

4. It allows editing and manipulation without our consent

5. Sometimes editing IS necessary

6. Many clients are unhappy with unedited photos

7. Quality over quantity

8. We aren’t out to get you! Talk to us about it

9. We don’t want judgement from unfinished work

10. Loss of potential clients


What gear do you use?

Camera Body's Used: Canon 5D II & Canon 70D

Primary Lens' Used: 105mm & 50mm Art

Accessories: Tri-pod / Mono-pod  / Bi-Color Lighting / Canon External Flash

Multiple Batteries + SD Cards

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